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Sony VPL-CX275 XGA 5200 Lumens LCD Projector


Quick Overview

The VPL-CX275 provides significantly high 5200lm/XGA projection in a compact 12lbs 6oz design. It is equipped with technologies including Bright Era® 3LCD panels, Advanced Crisp Foucus Lens, and 12-bit Gamma Correciton circuit for a greater visual experience. Not only the picture is brilliant, users can expect to reduce their total operational cost due to long lamp life (up to 4000h) and the intelligent auto lamp dimming function. Versatile inputs includes HDMI for digital image and audio input. Additionally, features such as lens shift for fine adjustment, horizontal & vertical keystone correction, and advanced geometric correction helps installers to reduce total time of installation. With the good balance of high brightness, advanced energy saving features, intelligent installation features and affordable cost, the projector is a great fit for demanding large class rooms and meeting rooms where cost is critical.

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Brilliant colour performance with high resolution lens

The VPL-C200 Series projectors adopt a 3LCD projection system incorporating three LCD panels. This system enables each projector to present bright and natural images. By combining an advanced generation of inorganic LCD panels that utilise Sony’s BrightEra™ technology with a 3LCD projection system, the VPL-C200 Series projectors offer high picture quality and brightness. The VPL-C200 Series projectors incorporate a high-resolution lens known as the Advanced Crisp Focus (ACF) lens. Its large diameter and fine pitch ensure crisp pictures.

12-bit 3D gamma correction and dynamic detail enhancer

The VPL-C200 Series projectors incorporate 12-bit 3D gamma correction circuitry to perform highly accurate gamma correction, achieving smoother gradations and a richer grey scale. The dynamic detail enhancer generates optimised images depending on the type of input signal through the interlace-to-progressive conversion processer.

HDMI interface

The VPL-C200 Series projectors are equipped with a High-Definition Multimedia Interface™ (HDMI), which is the latest standard for digitally connecting to high-definition (HD) devices.

Vertical/horizontal keystone distortion and advanced geometric correction

With these projectors, keystone distortion of vertically up to +/- 30 degrees and horizontally up to +/- 20 degrees can be digitally corrected via the on-screen operation menu and/or the Remote Commander™ unit. This enables detailed images to be projected with their correct geometry, even when installation space is limited. Advanced geometric correction is useful when an offset projection is necessary. Each corner and side can be grabbed and fit squarely to the desired position.

Convenient, simple projector replacement

The standard 1.5x zoom lens enables installation flexibility when replacing an existing projector with the VPL-C200 Series projectors – there’s no need to change ceiling mount positions. The lens shift function allows image position to be easily fine ? tuned vertically or horizontally.

“Blend-in” design

The VPL-C200 Series projectors showcase a new low-profile chassis, so these projectors appear to blend into the ceiling or wall on which they are mounted.

Long-lasting lamp and energy saving design

By incorporating a high-performance lamp and advanced lamp-control technology, the VPL-C200 Series projectors deliver an extremely long lamp replacement time of up to 5,000 hours (approximate recommended period, in low mode). The VPL-C200 Series projectors offer remarkably low power consumption, allowing users to help save on their electricity expenses. With a single push of the ECO MODE key on either the projector or the supplied Remote Commander unit, users can select an energy-saving setting from the ECO Mode menu.

Lamp and filter synchronised maintenance

The expected lamp maintenance time for each model can reach up to 5,000 hours* depending on the selected lamp mode, and dust filters require the same maintenance interval. Synchronising the timing of lamp and filter maintenance enables users to reduce the numbers of “ladder climbs” for maintenance.

Auto mode (auto brightness adjustment function) and lamp dimming function

The brightness of the lamp’s output is automatically adjusted depending on the brightness of the projected image, to avoid unnecessary power consumption. When showing darker images that don’t require high brightness, lamp output decreases. The VPL-C200 Series projectors are equipped with a lamp dimming function. After 10 seconds of a static signal feed, the lamp dims by approximately 15%, which is hardly noticeable. If one of these projectors is left powered on while not in use, after a set period of time it will automatically detect no change of signal input and will dim the lamp to as low as approximately 30% of original brightness to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Picture muting

The VPL-C200 Series projectors can temporarily disable video signal output. This function can be easily operated with just the touch of a button on the supplied Remote Commander unit. In addition, this function allows blank image projection with low power consumption using lamp control technology.


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