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Panasonic PT-EW630 WXGA 5500 Lumens LCD Projector


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Panasonic PT-EW630 WXGA 5500 Lumens LCD Projector

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Optimize Your Worship Service Experience with this Bright Widescreen Projector!

Ready to improve your projector set-up? Get the widescreen Panasonic PT-EW630 LCD Projector! This projector makes it easier for your audience to enjoy your video or powerpoint content with 5500 Lumens brightness, sharp, easy-to-see images with color and better-than-ever high (5000:1) contrast. With the PT-EW630, you'll save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time, thanks to energy and resource-conserving features. Plus, your tech staff wil love the variety of options and features that allow you to easily install it in your large venue, auditorium or classroom in just a few simple steps.

With Panasonic's Daylight View Basic Technology, the PT-EW630 offers sharp, easy-to-see images by clearly reproducing the details in dark image areas, which were previously difficult to see in brightly lit rooms. A built-in sensor automatically senses how much ambient light is in the room and adjusts color and contrast to optimize the image's visibility in your room. Combine this with the widescreen-format WXGA resolution and the high brightness and you get stunning images your audience will love.

The Eco Filter unit, which efficiently captures dust in the intake airflow path, requires no replacement for up to 12,000 hours! Not only that, but the Eco Filter can be washed with water and reused as an environmental consideration. A number of functions are provided to reduce power consumption. They adjust the brightness according to ambient light conditions, and reduce the lamp power when there is no signal input. As a result, power consumption is effectively reduced while excellent color reproduction is maintained. Friendly to the environment and friendly to your eyes!

The wide adjustment range of the powered horizontal/vertical lens shift function along with 4-corner keystone correction in these install models lets you overcome any mounting obstacles with lots of control over where you can mount the projector in relation to the screen. These units can also be rotated 360 degrees vertically so you can install them at any angle you want. There are a number of lens options available that allow you to set up the projector in the perfect place in your room to get the best image size for your audience. The long lamp and filter life means you won't have to service the projector once it is installed for a long, long time.

Panasonic PT-EW630 Features:

Powered horizontal/vertical lens shift lets you mount the projector off axis from the screen
Unit can be rotated 360 degrees vertically so you can install it at any angle you want
Corner keystone correction enables enables both horizantal and vertical angled projection
Web Browser Control/Monitoring and E-mail Message Alert
Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software
PJLink™ and Crestron RoomView™ compatible
Quiet 31-dB design does not distract from your services
Dust-Resistant Cabinet Design and Eco Filter that needs no replacement for 12,000 hours!
Inorganic LCD panels and polarizers maintain image quality longer
Side-by-Side and Picture-in-Picture function for effective presentations
The mechanical lens shuttercompletely blocks annoying light leakage when the projector is on standby
Audio output during standby mode This is convenient when connecting an external audio system through the projector

PT-EW630 Inputs:
One HDMI and one DVI-D input terminals, two sets of computer (RGB) input terminals (one 15-pin and BNC inputs), audio inputs on RCA and 3.5mm and a serial (RS-232C) terminal for external control.


Brand Panasonic


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