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Optoma HD83 FHD 1600 Lumens DLP Projector


Quick Overview

  • Exceptional Full HD 1080P image quality made ultra-smooth with PureMotion4

  • Excellent placement flexibility - PureShift & wide zoom range

  • Outstanding 3D Movies, Games, and Sports with HDMI 1.4a 3D support

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Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second. With the advent of true 24p content in stunning 1080p High Definition, you can now enjoy films exactly as the director intended.

But what about your existing film library? – Using advanced frame conversion techniques, the HD83 can re-capture the original 24p frames from all your favourite PAL/NTSC DVD titles, completely removing unnecessary “pull-down judder” to give them a completely new lease of life.


However, during some action-packed scenes, or fast panning motion, the best results can only be achieved, with a little help…


Have you ever wanted things just to go smoothly?

The HD83 Incorporates the next generation of our frame-interpolation processing - PureMotion4.

In its lowest setting, PureMotion4 retains the “dream-like” quality of film while maximising the detail of every frame – whereas the highest setting virtually eliminates motion Blur; perfect for fast-paced sports, where absolute fluidity is essential. Whether you are watching in 2D or 3D, Puremotion4 gives you silky smooth performance.



PureD uses sophisticated motion adaptive edge enhancement algorithms to ensure that all the information contained in an image is faithfully reproduced on the screen giving a stunning crystal clear, pin sharp picture.



PureColor provides vivid, perfectly balanced colour with impeccable colour uniformity for vibrant natural looking images. Deep Color makes it possible for the HD83 to reproduce billions of colours ensuring smooth tonal transitions and subtle graduations between hues.

Flexible Placement

The combination of PureShift and a wide 1.5 zoom range enables a wider range of projector placement possibilities. This remarkable combination makes it easier to position the projector in your viewing room and allows a wider range of screen size options.

The shaded pyramids show the positions in which the projector can be placed to fill the screen (90").

Diagrams are for illustration only. For detailed information please refer to the User Manual

Dynamic Black

Dynamic black adjust the available light output automatically, based on the brightness information of each frame. Bright scenes are crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks.

Ultimate Colour control - CMS+

To get the most out of your HD83, a full colour management system, gives you the flexibility to choose between 5 preset colour gamuts; HDTV (Rec 709), ITU 601, DLP Cinema, SMPTE-C & Native; or alternatively, fine tune intensity and x/y co-ordinates of primary and secondary colours for ultimate calibration precision.

Optimised Efficiency

Advanced lamp-pulsing technologies enable every frame to be analysed and fine-tuned directly from the lamp – this unprecedented control makes it possible to achieve vibrant, perfectly saturated colours across the whole light spectrum while simultaneously ensuring that only the minimum level of power is required.

DLP Technology and 3D - the perfect partnership.

Unlike competing technologies, DLP® from Texas instrument uses millions of tiny mirrors to maximise the available light output, while the inherent speed & high ANSI contrast work in perfect harmony; eliminating crosstalk, to create the most vivid & compelling 3D experience available anywhere.

Due to the inherent drop in image brightness using any active 3D glasses, maximising light output is a top priority for 3D displays. This is why we have developed “PureD” – an automated system of advanced image processing and dynamic lamp modes that enhance your viewing experience; providing a 3D brilliance akin to existing 2D projectors without you lifting a finger – Just sit back and enjoy the show!

50" 3D Television
150" ThemeScene Projector

It is a widely accepted fact that the bigger the image, the greater the 3D effect - for the best results it is essential to fill your field of vision, without being too close to the screen. Even a huge 50” TV can only create a window on the 3D world, whereas the immersion & excitement created by a massive 150” projection screen makes you feel like you are part of the action!

Fully Automated Constant Height Projection

Ceiling mount assembly

What is Constant Height Projection?

Many movies are presented in 2.35:1 aspect ratio. When these are viewed on a 16:9 projector with a 16:9 screen black bars are visible at the top and bottom of the image as below. A 16:9 source – like TV fills all of a 16:9 screen with no black bars. This is called Constant Width projection as with both formats the width of the image stays the same.


Constant Height projection uses a 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen. A 2.35:1 movie is displayed with no black bars top and bottom. 16:9 TV is displayed with black bars at the sides.


Constant Height projection is optimised for watching movies. When using the A480SYS Anamorphic Kit from Panamorph the full potential of the projector is used when displaying 2.35:1 movies. This enables a brighter, higher resolution image.

Image Sizes

For the same throw distance the Anamorphic Lens Kit increases the horizontal size of a 2.35:1 image by 33% relative to the same 2.35:1 image being displayed on a 16:9 screen. The vertical height stays the same


The A480SYS Anamorphic Lens Kit from Panamorph comprises:

Anamorphic Lens (UH480)

  • Five element, 100% glass, fully multicoated optical design corrected for chromatic aberration and astigmatism
  • Optics designed to exceed the resolution requirements for 1080p projection

Motorised Lens Mount (ATH1)

  • Integrates with the ThemeScene Auto235 feature to automatically detect 2.35:1 presentations and configure the projector and anamorphic lens accordingly
  • High Precision maintenance free mechanism

Mounting Plate (AK8PRO-S)

  • Allows the lens and the motorised lens mount to be mounted perfectly in relation to the projector
  • Enables the projector and the Anamorphic Projection Kit to be mounted as one


Brand Optoma


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