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DVI Male- HDMI Female Converter


Quick Overview

DVI Male to HDMI Female Adaptor Overview

  • Suitable for Televisions, Projectors and PC's etc.

  • Compatible With DVI-D (Digital) Single Link or Dual Link Connections

  • Supports all DVI-D Resolutions up to WQUXGA 3840 x 2400 (Including Resolutions up to 1080p)

  • Gold Plated Connectors

  • Gold Plated Screw Locking Fasteners

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Converts DVI to a Standard HDMI Connection!

This DVI Male to HDMI Female Adaptor will allow a standard HDMI Cable to be connected to a DVI socket. This is the perfect solution for connecting a PC that features a DVI output to a High Definition Television. This Adaptor could also be used for Televisions that do not feature a HDMI connection but have a DVI connection instead.

HDMI is backwards compatible with DVI with the exception that a standard DVI connections will not carry audio. However, some PC Graphics Cards have added the ability for digital audio to be transmitted via the DVI output. DVI is also a pure digital video connection, so there will be no image quality difference between DVI and HDMI.

This DVI to HDMI Adaptor also features screw locking fasteners to hold the Adaptor firmly in place which in turn will prevent any accidental damage to your DVI socket.



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