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BenQ MP780ST WXGA 2500 Lumens DLP Projector


Quick Overview

Keep learning light fun with the BenQ MP780 ST! Built with the latest PointDrawTM technology, the MP780 ST takes interactive teaching to a whole new level helping teachers get their point across in every subject whether is Languages, Arts, Mathematics, or Science. All they have to do is whip out their PointDrawTM pen to work their magic!

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The PointDrawTM projection System

The BenQ PointDrawTM projection system is unlike any existing projection systems. It offers interactive capabilities as an interactive whiteboard plus a projector system. Unlike interactive whiteboards or other available interactive projectors, BenQ's innovative projection system is calibration-free to eliminate the hassles of setting up an interactive whiteboard. All you need is a USB cable, the MP780 ST, a computer and the PointDrawTM pen to get things up and running. That ought to save you quite a fortune on installation costs and time


Interactive fun with Q DrawTM software

BenQ has thrown in a super-cool teaching toolkit for free to help teachers engage their students in every subject - the Q DrawTM Interactive Software! Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and many other presentation software packages used in classroom teaching, the Q DrawTM Interactive Software comes with two sets of useful tools. The standard tool set includes everyday features such as save, zoom, undo, redo, and so on, as well as a media clip function that allows teachers to record their teaching every step of the way. The advanced tool set allows teachers to draw lines and shapes, screen what their students see in class, and more.


3D Technology to Maximize Students’ Learning

The real world works in three dimensions – not one, not two, but three! With BenQ’s support for 3D learning, teachers can finally break free of the limitations that come with traditional teaching methods and start building a whole new learning environment that best suits today’s learners – without stretching that school budget, of course! Now, students get to experience the same amazing 3D effects they get in 3D movies while learning about the world around them. All they have to do is put on their 3D glasses and enjoy the magic ride!


Ideas for Maximizing the Impact of Learning with 3D Instruction

*Demonstrate complex or abstract concepts, such as molecular bond formation, using 3D graphics.
*Engage students in biology projects such as dissecting a frog.
*Illustrate geographical changes taking place around the world with real-time 3D simulations.
*Take virtual trips around the world using 3D educational media content.

WXGA Widescreen Projection Excellence

Engage your class with BenQ’s WXGA (1280x800) short-throw picture performance! Comparing to 4:3 projections, WXGA widescreen projection boosts your total viewing area by 30% - making more effective use of the whiteboards and blackboards in class. What’s more, with sharper, clearer images and less shadow distractions, you’ll find your students much better focused in class.


Thoughtful Design for Teachers

20W Big Speaker and Microphone

Shouting at the top of your lungs can be quite uncomfortable – especially when you have to do it all day long! BenQ offers the perfect solution for your medium and large-sized classrooms: industry-leading 20W built-in speaker and microphone jack. Now, you can get your point across loud and clear effortlessly – without carrying a portable PA system and microphone around from class to class.

LAN Display and USB Display

Enjoy ultra-smooth, signal decay-free 2-1 digitally transmitted audiovisual projection with LAN display and USB display! All you have to do is plug ‘n play! Thanks to BenQ, now there’s a much affordable and cost-effective way to enrich classroom teaching as well as future-proof your school with simultaneous multi-projection in different classrooms.

PC-Less Presentation

PC-less teaching is another great way to make a teacher's job easier. The MP780 ST supports PC-less teaching in two ways – USB flash drive and remote desktop. Teachers can either teach from their presentation files by saving them onto their USB flash drives or remotely by accessing their computer using a wireless mouse and keyboard via LAN connection. Since there won’t be the need to station a PC in every classroom, schools also get to save a fortune on PC maintenance and repair.


Maintenance Saving for IT Managers

Campus-Wide Installation and Monitoring Support

BenQ helps you to keep a close eye on every projector on campus – allowing IT personnel in your school to administer facility-wide maintenance and control from the comfort of their workstation at no extra cost! The MP780 ST is designed to mesh seamlessly with your original LAN control settings – whether it’s Crestron, PJ-Link or SNMP. If you are new to projector network control all together, BenQ offers a built-in projector network control system for free, so all you need is a LAN cable to set things up!



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